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AUSPTA General Meeting and Conference – Agenda

October 19, 2018 @ 12:13 am – 1:13 am
Kirribilli Club
11 Harbourview Cres
Lavender Bay NSW 2060

Microsoft Word - Agenda - General Meeting and Conference (19 Oct


0830hrs – 0900hrs    Registration, Arrival Tea and Coffee.

0900hrs – 0940hrs    General Meeting

1. President to open General Meeting and welcome Attendees.
2. Apologies.
3. Confirmation of Minutes of the previous General Meeting held 20th October 2017.
4. Business arising from minutes.
5. To receive and consider the President’s Report.
6. Business arising from President’s Report.
7. To receive and consider the Secretary’s Report.
8. Business arising from Secretary’s Report.
9. To receive and consider the Honorary Treasurer’s Report.
10. Business arising from the Honorary Treasurer’s Report.
11. Marketing Update from the Vice President.
12. President to close the General Meeting.

0940hrs – 0945hrs     President to open the October Conference and welcome attendees.

0945hrs – 1030hrs    Presentation One
Mike Smith – CEO, Ace Business Brokers Pty Ltd
Since 1981 Mike has been assisting sellers to present their businesses professionally and get the best possible price. Mike is an Honorary Founding fellow of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers and regularly presents to accounting groups and at broker conferences. He came from a background in the high growth computer products industry with considerable experience in RTO’s to become one of Sydney’s most experienced brokers. He is the CEO and Licensee In Charge of the company and a qualified trainer. Mike is ready to talk to anyone at any time and has recorded many sales in importing, manufacturing, wholesaling, substantial retail and service industries. His presentation will detail ‘Selling Your Business – Made Easier’.

1030hrs – 1045hrs    Morning Tea – Sponsored by MOBOTIX AG and FLIR Systems Australia.

1045hrs – 1130hrs    Presentation Two
Scott Henderson – Director, ThermAlign & Motion Amplification Australia.
Scott has over 20 years of rotating equipment experience in demanding environments. His trade training as an Aircraft technician was with the British Army during some of the busiest periods for the British military to many locations on operations. Following 14 years military service, which took him across the globe, Scott immigrated to Australia and worked in heavy industry. Employed by SKF and utilizing his engineering experienced gained in his service years. He then moved to the Industrial Fan sector running national and international projects for Aerovent Australia, along with leading the Service Division. ThermAlign was started in 2014 to amalgamate the experience with cutting edge technology to enable world class delivery of precision maintenance and condition monitoring, utilising multiple skills, techniques, and equipment. Now in 2018 another new technology has been added. His presentation we will look at ‘Motion Amplification – Seeing Is Believing’ and highlight how you can now see the vibration in our plant and equipment and visualise how machines and structures move.

1130hrs – 1215hrs Presentation Three
Tyson Pascoe – Level 1 ITC Thermographer, Infrared Inspections &Technologies.
Tyson holds a Trade Qualification as a Light Vehicle Mechanic. His experience includes work with both RACQ West of Brisbane and North Queensland and also on earth moving equipment in The Bowen Basin. Tyson gained further experience as a diesel fitter contractor and held various management positions in FNQ. He has worked on the Heavy machinery as a Diesel Fitter, and his presentation will highlight ‘uses of IR to analyse and identifying the mechanical operations and possible failure points on Mobile mining Machinery’. Tyson completed Level 1 with ITC in October 2016, and is currently working as a Full Time Thermographer for Infrared Inspection and Technologies on several mines sites.

1215hrs – 1315hrs    Lunch – Sponsored by MOBOTIX AG and FLIR Systems Australia.

1315hrs – 1400hrs    Presentation Four
Justin Lucas – National Service Manager, Power Protect.
Justin has over 20 years’ experience as a service engineer specialising in the field of Uninterrupted Power Supplies and Power Quality equipment. Having worked across a number of different equipment manufacturers in Australian and the UK he has seen just about any fault that can occur with this equipment. Hans Lawatsch – ACT Field Supervisor, Power Protect. Hans is qualified as an Electronic Technician and an Electrician. He has spent 5 years specialising in UPS, PFC, ATS and Generator equipment and has completed Level 1 Thermography training at the University of Melbourne. Justin and Hans presentation will cover a range of ‘Equipment classified as critical power’ including Uninterrupted Power Supplies, DC Power Plant, Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filters, Automatic Transfer Switches, and Diesel Generators. They will highlight by their nature these systems delivering filtering and redundancy to power systems have a number of different operating modes. A thermographic scan can only be effective if each component is made to operate during the inspection.

1400hrs – 1430hrs    Presentation Five
Michael Henneker – Executive Director, Thermelec (Qld) Infrared Inspection Services.
Mike is a Level III Certified Thermographer and Level I Airborne Ultrasound technician. His presentation ‘Thermography applications in Industry’ highlights his Company’s recent survey of two chimney exhaust stacks at a major Australian Glass manufacturer’s plant in Brisbane. Normally working with electrical and mechanical equipment, Thermelec (Qld) embraced the challenge of a different application for thermography and today’s presentation will share the results of that survey and some helpful hints on chimney stack surveying using infrared thermography and the way in which you report your findings.

1430hrs – 1500hrs Presentation Six
Erik Thorup – Director, I R Technology Australia Pty Ltd.
Erik’s presentation will highlight ‘Equipment used in Quarries’. He has a practical background in the application of IRT and holds Category III Thermography Certifications for both the AINDT/CMCB and the BINDT/PCN schemes. Erik will cover some of the faults you may find in this harsh environment, including Electrical, Crusher, Conveyor, Motors Gear boxes and Pumps. His presentation will also demonstrate the need of background knowledge from both Electrical and Mechanical for Surveys to be conducted accurately.

1500hrs – 1515hrs    Afternoon Tea – Sponsored by MOBOTIX AG and FLIR Systems Australia.

1515hrs – 1530hrs    Corporate Sponsor Presentation – MOBOTIX AG, presented by Michael Kosaros.

1530hrs – 1545hrs    Corporate Sponsor Presentation – FLIR Systems Australia, presented by Sean Towner.

1545hrs – 1625hrs    Industry User Group workshops.

1625hrs – 1640hrs    Industry User Group overview’s presented by the Electrical, Building Science and Mechanical Industry User Group chairs.

1640hrs – 1655hrs    Open Forum – The Chair will host a question and answer session.

1655hrs – 1700hrs    President to close the Conference.

1700hrs – 1900hrs    Social gathering and networking session.

1900hrs – 2200hrs Informal Dinner** – Watergrill (Located in the Kirribilli Club).
(Meals and drinks are at the attendees expense).

** There is no charge for attendance at the Conference. Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea are provided, however the networking session and dinner are at Attendees expense. Please register with the Honorary Treasurer prior to the lunch break if you are attending the dinner. RSVP for the General Meeting and Conference by Friday 5th October 2018 (for catering and logistics).

Visit http://auspta.asn.au/ for more information.


AUSPTA General Meeting and Conference – Agenda
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