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November 26, 2019 – November 27, 2019 all-day
International Convention Centre Sydney
Level 4
Convention Centre, 14 Darling Drive
Sydney NSW 2000


Engineering Leadership Providing Sustainable, Customer-Centric Electric Energy Solutions through the Interactive Grid.

26-27 November 2019 : ICC Sydney

The Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) takes great pleasure in inviting you to EECON 2019 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on 26th and 27th of November 2019.

The theme of EECON 2019 – our annual national conference – is “Engineering leadership providing sustainable, customer-centric electric energy solutions through the interactive grid”.

EECON 2019 will bring industry leaders to Sydney to share information on the many changes impacting electricity all participants from market operators through to customers. This conference will examine the adoption and integration of the many new technologies to deliver sustainable, affordable and reliable energy. The need for all segments of the industry to work together to deliver these outcomes for the benefit of all stakeholders will be explored.

We are expecting more than 250 delegates from all aspects of the electric energy area across Australia and overseas. Please come and join us and contribute to the discussions in the many developments occurring across all areas of the energy industry as it progresses towards improved outcomes for all participants.

The conference will include speakers across a range of subject areas including

  • Technology (Storage – micro to macro, Generation – new mix, new solutions, Automation – the rise of the interactive grid, Transport – EV’s and mobile storage)

  • Asset management (Aged assets/condition monitoring/replacement/refurbishment, Defining and planning for resilience, Designing for condition monitoring)

  • Regulatory environment (Customer themes, Impact of regulatory model and settings, Capital and labour productivity, Corporate governance and engineering decision-making, Stimulating R&D in a heavily regulated industry)

  • People issues (Safety, Change management/leadership, Enhancing productivity)

  • Utility evolution (Moving to a DSO model, Diversification as a solution to volatile energy revenues, The utility of the future)

  • System security enhancements (Dynamic Voltage Restorers, Synchronous condensers, Synchrophasors, Cyber security)

For more information visit the Event Website www.EECON2019.com

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