October 22, 2018 – October 23, 2018 all-day
Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa
Charmaine Manicom
+27 11 543-7000

SA Energy Storage 2018

A focused conference and exhibition covering policy, regulatory, economic, social, research, technology, business, standards, safety, financing, application and maintenance issues associated with Energy Storage in domestic, commercial, industrial, utility, mini/micro-grid and electric vehicle applications. 

with the theme:

“Taking energy storage forward in Africa: from research, piloting, policy and regulation, to standards, safety, financial closure and projects.”


• New and emerging battery storage technologies, products, systems and solutions
• Innovative policy and regulatory frameworks to attract investments and new projects
• Energy storage for arbitrage, capex deferment, frequency regulation and grid anciliary services
• Generating revenue and profit streams from the multiple benefits of energy storage
• Demonstrating the business case for energy storage projects
• Energy storage for housing, business and industrial parks and campus micro-grids
• Energy storage for mini- and micro-grids in remote and rural areas in Africa
• New business models for municipalities and electricity utilities of the future
• Business models for behind-the-meter energy storage solutions
• Calculation of multiple revenue streams to ensure bankability of energy storage projects
• Increasing the reliability, sustainability and performance of energy storage systems
• Maintenance, safety and standards for energy storage components and systems
• Evaluating the return on investment of energy storage systems
• Energy storage systems for peak shaving and demand response management
• Decentralized energy storage in municipal networks – technical and financial issues
• Utilising electric vehicle battery storage for economic and grid purposes
• The impact of electric vehicles on the electricity grid and electricity utilities of the future
• Boosting the bankability of energy storage opportunities and projects
• Integrating energy storage with variable renewables to provide a dispatchable resource
• Feedback from evaluation and pilot energy storage plants in South Africa and abroad
• Reducing the cost of peak demand with energy storage in “peaky” and low load-factor installations
• Structuring energy storage projects to attract investor funding
• Future opportunities for pumped-water energy storage systems in South Africa
• Supplementing or replacing diesel back-up generators with battery energy storage in commercial enterprises
• Other

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