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Hengtong Cable Australia Pty Ltd

Products and Services:
Hengtong Cable Australia is a large manufacturer of electrical cables, wires and optical cables. Power, rail, overhead, submarine, telecoms and optic-fibre.

Company Message:
Employees: 20,000
Factory Size Total, China: 2,000,000m²
Factory Sizes China: HQ 600,000m², HPC/HWC 700,000m², HHV 267,000m², KFH 56,500m²
Factory Size Overseas: 400,000m²
Hengtong Group Size: 2nd largest cable group manufacturer in the world
Hengtong Optic-Electric Size: 7th largest cable manufacturer in the world
Fibre: Largest fibre producer in the world
CCV Lines: 11 Total. HHV 3 x Troester, HPC 5 x Nanjing Yigong, KFH 1 x Nokia, 2 x Jilin Baichen
VCV Lines: 3 Total. HHV 3 x Troester
Submarine: Longest Length Produced – 1600mm² 1 core Cu 220kV x 30km
Maximum Diameter Produced – 500mm² 3 core Cu 220kV (260mm diameter)
Laboratory Accreditation: HPC Test Lab is CNAS(NATA) and TÜV Rheinland accredited

Company Name: Hengtong Cable Australia Pty Ltd
Phone: 07 5555 0188
Fax: 07 5555 0199
Email: email
Web: www.hengtongaustralia.com

Suite 30610, Level 6, Southport Central 3, Commercial, 9 Lawson Street, Southport QLD 4215

Name: Steven Whitehead
Phone: 0438 099 888
Fax: 07 5555 0199

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