CBM Conference @ Pullman Albert Park
Nov 11 – Nov 14 all-day


As the home of our parent company, the Mobius Institute, we are delighted to bring our celebrated vibration analysis and condition monitoring conference to Australia. Since 2017, we have been holding a CBM conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland and it is proving to be just as successful as our original conference in Florida, USA. If you are involved in the vibration analysis, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance industry, and you work in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else in the world, this is the perfect conference for you. Find out more about the CBM Conference Australia below or go straight to our registration page to sign up for a ticket for our next conference today.

What is the CBM Conference Australia?

The CBM Conference  (formerly known as IMVAC) is Australia’s best and only conference that is 100% for and about the machine condition monitoring industry. As such, our conference covers a broad range of technologies and sub-industries that revolve around keeping machinery in working order such as:

  • Vibration analysis: the way to detect slight changes in vibrations that occur as a result of machines suffering faults
  • Infrared thermography: thermal imaging technology that is used to detect manufacturing faults
  • Wear debris analysis: oil sample analysis used to detect metal wear particles and other contaminants
  • Motor testing: measuring motor currents to uncover faults in supply voltage
  • Ultrasound: high frequency technology used to detect friction, turbulence or impacts within machines
  • Lubrication: ensuring the long life of mechanical parts through proper lubrication
  • Condition monitoring: appropriate condition and functioning can extend lifespan
  • Alignment and balance: minimizing centrifugal forces to decrease strain and improve the reliability of machinery.

The CBM Conference Australia is the first conference and exhibition in Australia to bring together all of these industries in one place. Our three to four-day conference at a leading hotel in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast presents industry professionals with the perfect opportunity to improve and grow their industry knowledge, mix with like-minded peers, learn new strategies and approaches and hear from the biggest and most respected names in the industry.

Who should attend the CBM Conference Australia?

Anyone who works in the condition monitoring or reliability industries should seriously consider attending the CBM Conference Australia, particularly if you live and work in Australia or New Zealand. Whatever your position, whether it is technical or managerial, there are plenty of learning and networking opportunities to take advantage of. It doesn’t matter if this will be your first CBM Conference or your third conference, everyone is welcome and everyone is sure to learn something.

Why should you attend the CBM Conference Australia?

There are more than just a couple of reasons that professionals attend CBM Conference Australia. Here are the top five:

  1. This is the only condition monitoring conference in Australia. In fact, our series of conferences are the only ones of their kind anywhere in the world. That doesn’t mean they are small though. You’ll find every day packed with activities.
  2. That’s because we offer industry professionals the chance to attend three keynote speeches and over 50 educational presentations from experts in Australia and across the world. You’ll also have access to the exhibition center where hundreds of companies demonstrate the latest products and trends every day.
  3. We also offer a unique networking opportunity for professionals. Rarely do you get to meet fellow professionals from across the country and across the world. But at the CBM Conference Australia it happens each day.
  4. We bring you thought leaders and industry experts, like our founder Jason Tranter, who discuss new approaches to the challenges you, and the industry as a whole, are facing.
  5. You’ll discover new approaches, technologies and tools that will completely change the way in which you work.

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EECON NSW 2019 @ International Convention Centre Sydney
Nov 26 – Nov 27 all-day


Engineering Leadership Providing Sustainable, Customer-Centric Electric Energy Solutions through the Interactive Grid.

26-27 November 2019 : ICC Sydney

The Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) takes great pleasure in inviting you to EECON 2019 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on 26th and 27th of November 2019.

The theme of EECON 2019 – our annual national conference – is “Engineering leadership providing sustainable, customer-centric electric energy solutions through the interactive grid”.

EECON 2019 will bring industry leaders to Sydney to share information on the many changes impacting electricity all participants from market operators through to customers. This conference will examine the adoption and integration of the many new technologies to deliver sustainable, affordable and reliable energy. The need for all segments of the industry to work together to deliver these outcomes for the benefit of all stakeholders will be explored.

We are expecting more than 250 delegates from all aspects of the electric energy area across Australia and overseas. Please come and join us and contribute to the discussions in the many developments occurring across all areas of the energy industry as it progresses towards improved outcomes for all participants.

The conference will include speakers across a range of subject areas including

  • Technology (Storage – micro to macro, Generation – new mix, new solutions, Automation – the rise of the interactive grid, Transport – EV’s and mobile storage)

  • Asset management (Aged assets/condition monitoring/replacement/refurbishment, Defining and planning for resilience, Designing for condition monitoring)

  • Regulatory environment (Customer themes, Impact of regulatory model and settings, Capital and labour productivity, Corporate governance and engineering decision-making, Stimulating R&D in a heavily regulated industry)

  • People issues (Safety, Change management/leadership, Enhancing productivity)

  • Utility evolution (Moving to a DSO model, Diversification as a solution to volatile energy revenues, The utility of the future)

  • System security enhancements (Dynamic Voltage Restorers, Synchronous condensers, Synchrophasors, Cyber security)

For more information visit the Event Website

APS – AUSTRALIAN PROTECTION SYMPOSIUM 2020 @ International Conventional Centre Sydney
Mar 18 – Mar 19 all-day

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.17.44 pm

The twelfth Australian Protection Symposium will take place on the 18th – 19th of March 2020 at the International Convention Centre Sydney, where first-hand experiences from Australia and around the globe will be shared through paper presentations, panel discussions and interactive Q&A sessions encouraging attendees to stay in tune with the latest solutions, innovations, successes and challenges in our industry.

The interactive format of the symposium is complimented by the ever popular ‘Power Talks’ session, short but very topical presentations on lessons learned from unfortunate events. The APS has been designed as a unique and neutral platform to gather experts in the electrical protection industry in a friendly and dynamic environment to encourage idea exchange and a range of diverse contributions. The APS attracts researchers, industry experts, engineers, practitioners and other professionals involved and interested in the electrical protection industry. This opportunity to come together, discuss ideas face to face and build close cooperation channels for solving future challenges results in a rewarding experience for all contributors and attendees.

For more information visit the APS Event website

Energy Networks 2020 @ Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Jun 2 – Jun 4 all-day


Energy Networks Conference + Exhibition to be held in Brisbane from 2 to 4 June 2020.

This pre-eminent event for the energy network sector is run every two years, bringing together the best in our industry to share expertise on how we navigate the energy transformation.

It is a chance for our members, key stakeholders and industry partners to discuss the transformation of our 20th century grid so it can deliver energy and provide services and value the way consumers of the 21st century demand.

The event is designed to connect people from across the industry, providing opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones.

This is the only conference and exhibition on the energy network event calendar run by the industry, for the industry. We look forward to talking to you about how you can be involved and become an integral part of the conversation.

Registration Opens October 2019

Program coming December 2019

Visit the website for more information on Energy Networks 2020

Australian Energy Week 2020 @ Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Jun 22 – Jun 25 all-day

Australian-Energy-Week-2020-Logo-horizontal web



AEW is the annual meeting place for stakeholders of all levels from the entire energy value chain, from CEOs to analysts, energy traders to engineers. And everyone in between.

With 7 different content streams for you to choose from, the agenda covers the full breadth of opportunities and challenges facing generators, networks, retailers, end users and policy makers during the current energy transition. The content is designed to help you better understand the interplay of various technological, policy and commercial drivers and to help future proof your planning.

With every major energy company in attendance as well as policy makers and regulators from every state (and federal), AEW is the place to make connections, meet industry leaders and do business.


 Be part of the most comprehensive energy event in 2020, with 96 hours of content covering the full energy supply chain
 Hear from the leaders that are shaping the future of the industry, including Ministers, industry CEOs and chairs from leading regulators
 Get access to expert analysis designed to help you understand the interplay between all parts of the value chain
 Hear case studies from engineering, technology and operational leaders from generators, networks, retailers and end users that are forging new ground with innovative approaches to delivering commercial and sustainable outcomes during the energy transition
 Learn about game-changing technologies from the impact of utility-scale and home batteries, AI, hydrogen for storage, to the Internet of Things
 Network with leaders from every major energy company


EEA NZ 2020 @ Wellington
Jul 7 – Jul 9 all-day
EEA NZ 2020 @ Wellington

What will the electricity industry look like in 2050? How will the 4th Industrial Revolution reshape our future?

Changes in engineering, new technology and market innovation are reshaping the global energy sector. New Zealand’s focus is clearly on delivering a low carbon economy, smart energy and enabling emerging technologies, while continuing to safely deliver a secure and reliable electricity supply.

To deliver a better life for New Zealanders, engineers can shape and deliver the ‘green growth’ future that is being demanded by Government and customers through being innovators, influencers and change makers. Innovation, technology, a community centric focus, managing the exponential growth in electric vehicles, distributed generation, big data, asset management and regulatory models are about ‘engineering’ – and that is a key to enabling our energy future.

Keep checking back for the EEA NZ 2020 event details yet to be released