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Australasian Power Technologies Publications Pty Ltd are pleased to present their suite of electrical magazines, each focused to a different sector of the electricity market, and a different reader. Published since 1996, Transmission & Distribution (T&D) is focused to the Electricity Supply Industry and includes Energy Generation, which focuses on all aspects of Electricity Generation to include coal-fired, renewables and nuclear power. Published since 2008, Industrial Electrix (IE) is focused specifically on the Industrial, Mining and Manufacturing sectors of the Electricity Supply Industry. Industry personnel residents in Australia / New Zealand / PNG / Fiji are welcome to register for a subscription to their preferred magazine/s (see Subscribe > Reader Registration link in menu). Subscriptions for other countries are also available here. All magazines are available in electronic e-mag format and downloadable PDFs at no charge. APT welcome assessment by advertisers to determine which magazine/s are most relevant to deliver your companies Brand Vision/Corporate Objective;

  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Industrial Electrix
  • The Annual Purchasing Directory

 APT Publications understand and respect the intellect of marketing to a technically minded person. And THAT, is our point of difference-


Australasian Power Technologies Publications publish practical, informative and highly valuable articles based on the actual applications and use of products and field services written by qualified professionals whose experience and proven reputation provide readers with reliable solutions to everyday problems. This leads them to share their experiences and assist others towards maintenance excellence. We also publish advertiser supplied advertorial but do NOT seek to publish media releases and ‘fillers’.


Readers tell us they value…

  • INFORMATIVE CONTENT – “it’s an easy read, but has very interesting articles & valuable information”
  • PERSONALLY ADDRESSED HARD COPY – “I chose to subscribe after being a reader for years”
  • QUALITY of PRODUCTION – “it feels good and it looks good”
  • ARCHIVED FOR FUTURE REFERENCE – “so much info, I often refer to my back issues
  • Annual T&D Purchasing Directory – “it’s the search engine that never leaves my desk


Advertisers tell us they have valued… the above, plus…

  • QUALITY of ADVERTISING RESPONSE – “we still get response to our advertising a year later”
  • CAB AUDITED CIRCULATION – “we value the proven, extensive market reach”
  • ADVERTORIAL OPPORTUNITY –“we can expand on our ad’s focus & give the reader much more detail


Our reader database is updated on a daily basis as required and we do not sell or rent our database to any other party.


To submit advertorial is an option for the advertiser. We recommend it as the intelligent aside to corporate branding and image advertising i.e. a Technical Article or Case Study that expands in detail on the product/service being advertised. Editor approved, information based advertorial will be published free of charge next to your advert, or separate to the advert upon request.

Half page ad400 word + 1 pic advertorialPublished as an A4 page
Full page ad700 word + 2 pics advertorialPublished as a Double Page Spread
This offer is subject to placement of advertorial within the same issue as the advertisement and is not transferable to another issue.


Our Creative Studio will design and produce your advert, at no charge, if required. Advertorial is published to our design disciplines. Costs apply for a copy of artwork files. P.O.A.


Australasian Power Technologies Publications are comprehensive in their content each issue. Advertisers may nominate Feature or General placement to suit their marketing strategy. At the Editor’s discretion, new Features will evolve in response to market influences.