Art Specifications

Transmission & Distribution, Industrial Electrix and The Annual Purchasing Directory are published to standard A4-210 mm x 297 mm. The magazine is Perfect Bound / Burstbound with issue identification on spine.
Ensure text and logo/s on A4 adverts have 10 mm clearance from edge to allow for spine of magazine.

Please forward materials to:


Production Manager:Lawrie Borchers
Postal address:PO Box 1195, Kenmore QLD 4069
Courier address:50 Wattle Crescent, Moggill QLD 4070
Telephone:+61 7 3374 2877  Fax: +61 7 3374 2899
 Acceptable Program Files  
icon_indd In Design CS3 or higherInDesign acceptable tick imageicon_cross
icon_ai Illustrator CS3 or higherIllustrator acceptable tick imageIllustrator acceptable tick image (fonts outlined)
icon_psd Photoshop CS3 or higherIllustrator acceptable tick imageIllustrator acceptable tick image
icon_pdf Press Ready PDF files are accepted. Ensure bleed and trim marks are  identified and the file is CMYK.


High resolution (300 dpi) is essential to ensure clarity in the print process.

Send as jpg, tif, high res pdf or EPS files or send original pics to be scanned.


Supply by email as Word Document files. Do not include pictures, diagrams or graphics in your document. Text and pictures must be supplied separately. Advise appropriate captions for all images.


Published to A4 297mm x 210mm

Allow minimum 4 mm bleed on all appropriate edges to cater for option of left or right page placement.

page_dblspreadDouble Page Spread
Bleed:  W 428 x H 305 mm
Trim:    W 420 x H 297 mm
page_fullFull Page
Bleed:  W 218 x H 305 mm
Trim:    W 210 x H 297 mm
page_halfportraitHalf Page Horizontal with Advertorial
Bleed:  n/a
Trim:  W 180 x H 115mm

Half Page Horizontal NO Advertorial
Bleed:  n/a
Trim:  W 180 x H 125mm
page_halflandscapeHalf Page Vertical with Advertorial
Bleed:   W 98 x H 305 mm
Trim:  W 90 x H 297mm
halfPageVertHalf Page Vertical NO Advertorial
Bleed:   W 108 x H 305 mm
Trim:  W 100 x H 297mm
page_thirdlandscapeThird Page Horizontal
Bleed:  n/a
Trim: W 180 x H 80mm
page_thirdportraitThird Page Vertical
Bleed:  n/a
Trim: W 80  x H 252 mm
Quarter page adverts are not available in all issues, but limited to special features.
page_quarterQuarter Page
Bleed:  n/a
Trim:  W 88  x H 125 mm

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While this department has taken every possible precaution with the creation of these files, they are downloaded and used at your own risk.
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