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TJH2b Analytical Services Pty Ltd

Products and Services:
TJH2b is an independent laboratory firm specialising in diagnostic testing of oil, SF6 gas and other insulating materials used in transformers, circuit breakers, load tap-changers and ring main units.

Company Message :
Through our commitment to quality which extends to having ISO accreditation, TJH2b provides accurate and repeatable results along with detailed interpretation and valuable customer support. Through extensive forensic research, T|H2b have developed enhanced diagnostics which provide our customers with an expansion on the information available in published guides. The enhancements made include expanding the number of fluid assessment tests and the ability to analyse the relationships between fluid and gas data. TJH2b’s sole and primary focus is the analysis and diagnostics of insulating systems relating to electrical equipment.

Company Name: TJH2b Analytical Services Pty Ltd
Phone: (03) 8544 2419
Email: email
Web: www.tjh2b.com

310 Springvale Rd (PO Box 5),
Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Name: Antony Giacomin
Phone: (03) 8544 2419
Email: email