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Electrical Parameters Measurement

Working with electricity has been a part of our lives for over a century, yet it’s still a complicated field to work in.

Diagnosing and repairing issues with electrical appliances and systems is the bread and butter of nearly 170,000 Australian workers, according to the ABS Labour Force Survey and they depend on effective tools to make their job easier. 

The Digital Multimeters testo 760

The multimeter is an essential tool for both professionals and non-professionals. Testo’s family of digital multimeters consist of three unique models, offering various levels of functionality to meet any user’s needs.

Digital multimeter – testo 760

Each of the three devices – the testo 760-1, testo 760-2 and testo 760-3 – features a clear, backlit display to make measurement reading easy with an IP 64 protection against damaging conditions. 

The range cover all the bases, from heavy users to occasional DIY enthusiasts. Along with all the top-tier functionality, the range also comes with a two-year warranty, providing an extra level of confidence in your purchasing decision.

The functional testo 770 Clamp meter

Taking accurate current measurement can be difficult when using the wrong tools or when working in a challenging workspace. Therefore, a trusty tool is crucial in delivering reliable results, regardless of the working conditions.