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Leader in Industrial Automation Component Supply

Treotham Automation is Australia’s premier supplier of components to industrial automation industries. Once you delve into the world of automation, you quickly realise that a myriad of sectors use different forms of technology for processing. The products we refer to are integral to making equipment move. Specifically, when we say “move”, we are describing automating processes using machinery to complete a series of specific tasks.

These are products or equipment everyone uses on a daily basis. As an example, a digital printer uses “micro components” cables, connectors and a protective housing for the cables called “Energy chain®”. These components are connected to the computer interface that instructs the printer head to move backwards and forwards in the printing process. Other examples would be the automation used to make the arms move in a car wash or moving up a notch in a food processing plant with bottle-filling. The list is endless. Automation also includes large-end services in bulk handling areas. An example of this would be cranes that move containers in shipping and ports or stackers in mining. Treotham Automation provides products integral to automation processes across thousands of industries.

Automation Industries include;

  • Bulk handling –
    Shipping, Mining
  • Cranes
  • Food and beverage
  • Machine tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Packaging
  • Ports
  • Offshore
  • Railway
  • Robotics
  • Safety
  • Stage lighting and entertainment

The industrial automation industries require the highest level of components. Treotham provides the products in the following categories.

  • Flexible Cables
  • Energy Chain
  • Chainflex Cables
  • Flexible Conduits
  • Industrial Connectors
  • Robotics
  • Safety Equipment
  • Bearings
  • Cable Glands
  • Gearboxes
  • Linear Units
  • Measuring Systems
  • Sensors

1- Highest Quality Products: A wide range of cables, connectors, sensors, Safety equipment, and Robotics. These products are sourced from manufacturers internationally known for their reliability and durability.

2- Technical Expertise: With a team of experienced engineers and technical specialists, Treotham offers expert advice and support to help companies choose the right products for their applications. They provide technical documentation, product specifications, and assistance with installation and troubleshooting.

3- Customised Solutions: Treotham understands that every business has unique needs. Therefore,
they work closely with their clients to develop customised solutions tailored to their requirements. Whether designing a custom cable assembly or finding a suitable sensor for a particular application, Treotham provides personalised assistance.