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The World’s Most Accurate Protection and Fastest Arc Fault Systems

Arcteq’s inclusion in the Ensto group stable has facilitated and expanded base for their advanced protection relay and arc fault solutions. Born out of the Finnish city of Vaasa, a region synonymous with  microprocessor protection, Arcteq have been actively developing and expanding their innovative protection and arc fault solutions for over 25 years and now supply to over 50 countries.

Arcteq’s purpose and mission to provide the world with the best protection for the safe and dependable operation of electrical distribution has resulted in a wide range of proven innovative solutions. The pure focus on protection and safety solutions as an independent manufacturer and the embedded expertise has enabled Arcteq to foster strong partnership relationships with customers. The customer focus extends well beyond sales to include best in class technical support and customer service. 


Arcteq AQ200 family of relays include measurement accuracy down to 0.2% generally allowing for protection and metering in 1 unit. With up to 3.2 kHz sampling rates, 5ms scan on freely programmable advanced logic functions and instantaneous protection operating times of 15ms, Arcteq produce the most accurate protection relays in the world allowing for more sensitive settings.

Internal memory stores one hundred 5 second high resolution disturbance records (8 analog and 26 binary channels) and 15,000 events including change logs with all non-volatile information stored in flash memory without the need for battery of capacitor back up. 

Customised Protection Solutions

With the full range of solutions for motors, generations, bus differential, feeder differential and distance, smart grid, power factor control, transformer protection and control with options for voltage regulator, machine control and configurable and I/O option, and communication to all of the relevant standards including IEC 61850 there is a variant available to cover your needs.

Programming is via the AQtivate programming tool with inbuilt wizards for transformer and machine protection setting generation. The same software can be used to interrogate relays and design the relay displays and LED indicators. 

Arc Fault Safety

As pioneers in arc fault detection and quenching arc fault protection and safety are such a key component of the Arcteq range that they are included in the company name. Flexible solutions for detection, tripping, control and quenching allow for scalable solutions for all MV and LV equipment. As a key white label equipment supplier to the wider industry the Arcteq sensors and relays are recognised for their speed and dependability. 

Arc sensing technologies include fiber loop, and point sensors as well as pressure sensors that are ideal for arc fault contained equipment and flame proof enclosures as utilised in hazardous areas, mines and mining equipment. Relays include the option for current check to help to eliminate false tripping. When combined with the MV and LV arc quenching devices arcing faults can be detected and cleared in less than 5ms almost eliminating damage to your key distribution equipment.

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