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ADAPT Australia

Business Name – Trading As:
ADAPT Australia Pty Ltd

Products and Services:
Energy Distribution & Transmission, Energy Safety, Environmental Compliance, Network Automation, Power Quality & Efficiency Switchgear, Polymeric Insulators, Overhead Fuse Assemblies, Real-Time Digital Simulator, Superior Earthing, Cable and busbar connectors

Company Message:
Since 1992, ADAPT Australia as manufacturers, equipment supply partners and engineering service providers is recognised for its capability and expertise in the supply and technical support of both high and low voltage power transmission and distribution equipment to the Utility, Mining, Industrial and Contractor sectors of the Electrical Power Industry.

Quality is at the forefront of the ADAPT Family Values. All products are sourced from Local and Overseas based Manufacturers, all of whom are highly respected for their technical expertise along with their ability to provide high quality innovative products that meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Company Name: ADAPT Australia Pty Ltd
Phone: 61 3 9330 0666
Fax: 61 3 9330 0777
Email: sales@adaptaust.com.au
Web: www.adaptaust.com.au

11-19 Global Drive, Tullamarine VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA 3043
PO Box 1508, Tullamarine VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA 3043

Name: Grant Sandars
Phone: 61 3 9330 0666
Fax: 61 3 9330 0777
Email: sales@adaptaust.com.au