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    The Annual Purchasing Directory referred to more commonly as “The Search Engine of the Electricity Supply Industry
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    Transmission & Distribution features products and services for the Medium to High Voltage Electricity Supply Industry
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Australasian Power Technologies Publications Pty Ltd are pleased to present their suite of electrical magazines, each focused to a different sector of the electricity market, and a different reader. Published since 1996, Transmission & Distribution (T&D) is focused to the Electricity Supply Industry and includes Energy Generation, which focuses on all aspects of Electricity Generation to include coal-fired, renewables and nuclear power. Published since 2008, Industrial Electrix (IE) is focused specifically on the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors of the Electricity Industry. Industry personnel residents in Australia / New Zealand / PNG / Fiji are welcome to register for a subscription to their preferred magazine/s (see Subscribe > Reader Registration link in menu). Subscriptions for other countries are also available here. All magazines are available in electronic eFlip mag format and downloadable PDFs AT NO CHARGE. APT welcome assessment by advertisers to determine which magazine/s are most relevant to deliver your companies Brand Vision/Corporate Objective;

  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Industrial Electrix
  • The Annual Purchasing Directory

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Retrofilling with Natural Ester Makes ‘Cents’
Since its introduction over two decades ago, natural ester-based insulating fluids’ market share of the power generation industry has been growing rapidly, with an estimated over 2.5 million transformers using it to date. Although originally developed primarily to improve the fire safety of transformers in place of the pricier and less versatile synthetic ester, the environmental and operational benefits are quickly becoming the dominant factors that make natural ester the main stay in the industry. Read more here…


Active IGBT Rectifier Based Industrial UPS System
This is a true online double conversion UPS system and it is designed and manufactured to IEC standards based on the latest power electronic techniques using active front end IGBT based rectifier as an optimal and cost-effective solution for the most demanding industrial applications.   Read more here…



Inspection & Maintenance of a Three-Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
Work safely without opening cabinets; avoid outages that lead to customer dissatisfaction. Opening a cabinet to perform maintenance on a pad-mounted transformer presents an inherent safety risk. The person conducting the inspection needs to be a qualified technician with the proper electrical safety training and the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).   Read more here…


Mobile Testing your Protection Systems
During commissioning of protection systems, there are literally hundreds of connections and functions that have to be verified. Whether for primary or secondary injection, having the right equipment and the right procedures can speed up those tests drastically. Including the relays in some of the wiring checks can be a very smart approach.   Read more here…